Tartan Specials Live Before the Iceland Home Game

The South Africa 2010 campaign continues against the reckless bankers of Iceland. Don't be a fool on April 1st, get a few drinks in and warm up in proper style for the big game with the Tartan Specials. In the words of Magnus Magnusson - "We've started so we'll Finish".... Let's make sure we finish with qualification. This is a family friendly event so any Mums going to Iceland game will be more than welcome!

Tartan Specials Live
Classic Grand, 18 Jamaica St, Glasgow, G1 4QD
Doors @ 4pm
Tickets £5 from ticketweb.co.uk

The band will be off-stage by 6:30 so plenty of time to make it to Hampden. All ages are fine however under-16's must be accompanied by a "responsible" adult