Acoustic Show In Oslo

We'll be doing an acoustic show in Oslo the night before the Norway game:

A Night of Cheeky Nonsense
Tartan Specials (half of, acoustic) + DJ Tam Coyle + BEER PROMOTIONS!!
Big tent/marquee thing, Youngstorget [ view map ]
Oslo, Norway
Tuesday, August 11th
Tickets £5, available soon from Tickets Scotland

If you remember the Rekjavik show, it should be like that but a lot better, not least because Stevie will be there this time to help out on the singing.

We'll post an update as soon as the tickets are available to buy. The Rekjavik show sold out instantly so order your tickets asap. If you want to save yourself the Tickets Scotland fees, you can get the tickets directly from Tam Coyle who can be found DJing at the Bunker in Glasgow most Fridays (gie them a call first to confirm).